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Health Monitoring of Offshore Wind Farms (HEMOW)




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  1. IRESES Reporting Guidelines - irses-reporting-guidelines_en
  2. HEMOW Project Time Sheet - FP7 Timesheet
  3. Programme of International Scientific Seminar on "Wind Farm Health Monitoring: Bridging the gap between NDE and SHM"
  4. Database and report: Gear Fatigue Experimental Data using Eddy Current Pulsed Thermography and Magnetic Barkhausen Noise


  • Papers in regular journals:
    1. Grzegorz Psuj, Tomasz Chady and Cesar Giron Camerini: Eddy Current Transducer Dedicated for Sigma Phase Evaluation in Duplex Stainless Steel, Journal of Sensors, Volume 2012, Article ID 851231, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, doi:10.1155/2012/851231
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  • Book chapter
    1. W. Cao, Y. Xie, Z. Tan, "Wind turbine generator technologies," Book Chapter inAdvances in Wind Power, INTECH, Nov. 2012, Chapter 7, pp. 177-204, Carriveau R., ed. Hampshire, UK.
  • Conference Presentation (including invited talk)
    1. Tomasz Chady, Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny: Advanced flux leakage systems for nondestructive evaluation, 2012 Far East Forum on Nondestructive Evaluation/Testing: New Technology, & Application, presented on 24th of May, 2012
    2. C. G. Camerini, G. Psuj and T. Chady and J. M. A. Rebello, "The sigma phase evaluation in duplex stainless steel using ECT method", under review, send to journal of Materials Science Forum, short paper presented at The Seventh Japanese-Mediterranean and Central European Workshop on Applied Electromagnetic Engineering for Magnetic, Superconducting and Nano Materials (JAPMED'7) held in Budapest in July 2011
    3. L. Cheng, G.Y. Tian and B. Szymanik, "Feasibility studies on microwave heating for non-destructive evaluation of glass fibre reinforced plastic composites", Proceedings of IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, I2MTC, China, pp. 47-52, May 2011.
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  • Patents:
    1. Wuhua Li, Yi Zhao, Ye Mei, Xiaodong Lv, Xiangning He. Single-phase passive lossless clamped high step-up converter. Issued Number: ZL 200910156995.X, Issued Data: 2012.07.25.
    2. Wuhua Li, Ye Mei, Yi, Zhao, Weichen Li. Sing-phase soft switching high step-up converter for distributed PV generation systems. Issued Number: ZL 201010216333.X, Issued Data: 2012.02.29.
    3. Xiangning He, Yunjie Gu, Wuhua Li, Bo Yang, Yi Zhao, A switched-capacitor-based transformer-less inverter and its applications. Issued Number: ZL 201110042149.2, Issued Data: 2012.12.05.
    4. 发明人:邱雷、袁慎芳、王昊等;专利名称:应用于结构健康监测的高电压宽带Lamb波激励信号产生器;授权编号:ZL201110075005.7;专利类型:发明专利;专利批准国:中国。 Inventor: Qiu Lei, YUAN Shen-fang, Wang Hao, etc.; Patent Name: used for structural health monitoring high voltage broadband Lamb wave excitation signal generator; Authorization Number: ZL201110075005.7; patent type: patent; patent approval country: China.
    5. 发明人:袁慎芳、张炳良、邱雷等;专利名称:一种大型航空结构实时冲击监测仪及方法;授权编号:ZL201110057547.1;专利类型:发明专利;专利批准国:中国。Inventors: YUAN Shen-fang, Anthony, Qiu Lei; Patents: a large aerospace structures and methods of real-time impact monitoring instrument; Authorization Number: ZL201110057547.1; patent type: patent; patent approval: China.


    1. June 2013: Periodic Report
    2. Nov 2011: Report - HEMOW_reporting_YFC, Dr. Yifan Chen (Newcastle University), Visit at NUAA, 7th Aug - 5th Sep, 2011.
    3. May 2011: Report- Start of the HEMOW project- Report on visit to Newcastle University, Dr. Prabhu Rajagopal (Centre of NDE, IIT-Madras, India)

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