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Health Monitoring of Offshore Wind Farms (HEMOW)





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The research will build on previous and current studies by members of the consortium that have aimed at understanding and improving reliability, within cost constraints. The work is summarised here:

  • Building interdisciplinary research and expanding current network. The collaborative research will concentrate on the interdisciplinary research by integration of complementary expertise, which is reflected from the exchanges.
  • Development of condition monitoring and SHM techniques to reduce the impact of failures on generation in conjunction with advanced NDE methods. While this could detect faults at an early stage, reliability should ultimately be addressed during the design of the system.
  • Development of condition monitoring platform, topology and ICT tools for condition based monitoring and maintenance of offshore wind power systems.

This project will concentrate initially on in-site monitoring of wind turbine, gear box, generator systems, aiming at existing topologies and new ones that will be developed in the future. For this emerging cross-disciplinary topic, this project will bring together well recognised scientific institutions and researchers with complementary research experience and skills, in the context of a collaborative scheme of research exchanges and networking. The project will address the following challenges:

1.  Smart sensors for wind turbine systems

2.  Gearbox NDE, generator and condition monitoring

3.  Hierarchical communication, signal processing and data management

4.  ICT tools for information fusion and wind farm maintenance management

5.  Build a sustainable platform for international collaborative research, networking and knowledge transfer

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