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UNEW - Newcastle University, UK
ZUT - West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland
NUAA - Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
IITM - Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
ZU - Zhejiang University, China


WP1 Turbine blade health monitoring
(Leader: NUAA; Involved participant: NUAA, ZUT, IT, NUEW)

  • To develop NDE methods and condition monitoring techniques for composite materials, wind turbine blade materials in particular.
  • To extend NDE methods and develop novel sensing and imaging techniques for large scale wind turbine blade structural health monitoring, in conjunction with load distribution and failure models.
  • To develop wireless sensor networks for turbine blade health monitoring in conjunction with WP4.


WP2 Gearbox NDE and condition monitoring
(Leader: ZUT; Involved participant: NUAA, ZUT, IT, NUEW)

  • To understand gearbox failures and develop novel electromagnetic NDE and condition monitoring techniques for gearbox failure monitoring.
  • To undertake knowledge transfer of advanced NDE methods for gearbox monitoring in offshore environments.
  • To plan collaborative international studies of selective electromagnetic NDE for gearbox monitoring and lifecycle assessment.


WP3 Power electrical system and grid monitoring
(Leader: ZU; Involved participant: ZU, UNEW, NUAA)

  • To understand power electronics failures in offshore wind farms and challenges;
  • To develop failure prediction models and enhance reliability of power electrical systems in conjunction with monitoring and prediction models;
  • To implement a prototype system of sensor networks for power electronics, converters and control system monitoring.


WP4 Wireless sensor network, data storage management and signal processing
(Leader: UNEW; Involved participant: UNEW, ZUT, NUAA, IITM, ZU)

  • To develop hybrid sensor networks for online condition monitoring of offshore wind power systems and form a multimodal data capturing platform. Hierarchical communication networks and distributed monitoring platforms will be discussed.
  • To formalise data structure, data compression and coding for information extraction, communication and storage.
  • To develop signal processing algorithms for data enhancement, abnormal data identification, feature extraction and fusion.
  • To discuss hybrid sensor network prototyping systems and information "black box" for offshore wind farms.
  • To develop optimal MAC and routing protocols that accommodate the wind farm demands and enable real-time diagnosis of the plant.


WP5 Fusion, lifetime prediction and maintenance management
(Leader: UNEW/ZUT; Involved participant: UNEW, ZUT, NUAA, IITM, ZU)

  • To develop ICT tools for sensor data/information fusion and decision making for life cycle assessment of wind power farms and maintenance management including predictive maintenance planning and scheduling, use of advanced embedded sensor devices, integration with the appropriate software and remote control systems.
  • To undertake field studies, discussion of knowledge transfers and further development and exploitation.


WP6 Management and dissemination
(Leader: UNEW; Involved participant: UNEW, ZUT, NUAA, IITM, ZU)

  • To establish a management team and an independent advisory committee whose duty will be to monitor project progress and provide further opportunities including organizing workshops and implementation of a strategy for IPR.
  • To organize project meetings, workshops etc.
  • To set up a web-based portal for both internal and external use for the dissemination of information between partners and with external audiences.
  • To write research papers and submit them to specialized journals for publication.
  • To prepare presentations at specialized conferences

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